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All eight of our properties in Leeds are in fantastic locations, just a few minutes’ walk at most from a whole host of amenities, including excellent transport links and local shops, making it easy to commute in, pop out for lunch or do a spot of shopping. More than that, our friendly, close-knit teams and great on-site facilities, means Unite Students is a great place to work in Leeds.

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All of our properties are located within easy reach of the city centre so you're never far from excellent transport links, cafes, restaurants and shops.


There is a train station in Leeds city centre and each property is on a bus route.


Bike stores are located at most of our properties with shower facilities at The Plaza.


Being so close to the city centre there are plenty of shops nearby for a browse during your lunch break or after work.

There's also a gym at The Plaza that staff from all sites can use.


“I wanted to work somewhere that had a good ethos.”

Our people David Hall Maintenance Team Lead

Maintenance Team Lead, David Hall, tells us why he comes to work with a smile on his face every day.

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David Hall Maintenance Team Lead

Two of my children lived at Unite Students before I applied for the role as Maintenance Team Lead, and they told me how much they enjoyed living there and what a good place it was to live. I was in a transitional period in my working life and decided that I wanted to work somewhere that had a good ethos. It seemed like Unite Students would be a good fit.

I originally joined as a part time Maintenance Operative in May 2014 and I love what I do. I have children so I know what students go through and enjoy being able to pass that knowledge on wherever possible, making it easier for all our customers and helping them have a fantastic time studying and enjoying becoming an adult.

I’m lucky to work with a hugely supportive team, and I can’t help but come to work with a smile on my face every day – you can’t keep me away!

“Helping and supporting someone is really rewarding and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Our people Danny Boyd Service and Safety Assistant

Danny Boyd loves working with the students in his role as Service and Safety Assistant because it’s really rewarding.

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Danny Boyd Service and Safety Assistant

I’m a Service and Safety Assistant and it’s my job to make sure that all our properties in Leeds are safe for our customers to live in. We also support with customer welfare throughout the day and night, making sure we achieve the company’s target of a ‘home for success.’

I didn’t know that much about the company before I started but I found out that they treat their staff very well – and that’s been true! I began working in facilities but I saw that the Safety team was a really tight team that was well organised and managed. I joined the Safety team soon after and I like the fact that we’re really good at supporting each and making sure we do the best job possible.

I really enjoy making people feel reassured. We give a good, professional service to our customers so they know they can approach any of us and we will support them. Helping and supporting someone is really rewarding and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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