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All four of our properties in Loughborough are in fantastic locations, just a few minutes’ walk at most from a whole host of amenities, including excellent transport links and local shops, making it easy to commute in, pop out for lunch or do a spot of shopping. More than that, our friendly, close-knit teams and great on-site facilities, means Unite Students is a great place to work in Loughborough.

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All of our properties are located within easy reach of the city centre so you're never far from excellent transport links, cafes, restaurants and shops.


There is car parking available for all sites and staff are welcome to use.


Train station is 2 miles away but has good bus links. The sites are spaced apart in Loughborough and employees drive or cycle between sites normally.


Bike stores are located at all of our properties.


Harry French, William Morris, and The Holt are a short walk away from the University Campus which has a host of food and drink outlets. Waterways is situated in the town centre which has many cafes, restaurants and shops.


“I love it when we have new intakes of students every year – it’s so rewarding helping them to settle in.”

Our people Margaret Graham Housekeeping Supervisor

Margaret Graham is proud to work at Unite Students and is planning on staying way past retirement age!

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Margaret Graham Housekeeping Supervisor

I was asked by a friend if I could help out with some events for Unite Students in 2004 – I loved the students and people so much that I applied for a full time position and have never looked back! And it just keeps getting better as the company’s policies and processes are evolving.

I work in a very fast-paced environment during certain times of the year – which I love – and for the rest we’re quietly professional. My working relationships with my colleagues are excellent, everyone is passionate focused on what they’re doing, going above and beyond their job role and we all appreciate each other’s workload. My favourite thing about the business is the way the company cares as it supports and develops people – and I’m proof of that. The rewards and benefits are fantastic and I don’t know if any other company that provides this for their employees.

I love it when we have new intakes of students every year – it’s so rewarding helping them to settle in, even if you’re just talking to them because they’re homesick or lonely or just want a chat. Getting their flats ready is so satisfying when you see the look on their faces. I’ve never lost my passion for this and I never will.

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