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All 29 of our properties in London are in fantastic locations, just a few minutes’ walk at most from a whole host of amenities, including excellent transport links and local shops, making it easy to commute in, pop out for lunch or do a spot of shopping. More than that, our friendly, close-knit teams and great on-site facilities, means Unite Students is a great place to work in London.

There’s a big buzz that goes hand in hand with working in one of the world’s major cities and our people really feel it here.

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All of our properties are located within easy reach of the city centre so you're never far from excellent transport links, cafes, restaurants and shops.


All properties are well serviced by major and local transport links including bus, tube and overland trains. There is no staff parking at our London properties.


Bike stores are located at all of our properties.


There are plenty of well-known and independent sandwich, coffee and convenience shops within a few minutes walk of all of the properties.


“Everyone is approachable and supportive, including the management team.”

Our people Alexandra Iftodi Service and Sales Assistant

Alexandra Iftodi is one of our brilliant Service and Sales Assistants. She enjoys getting to know students and being part of their journey to adulthood.

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Alexandra Iftodi Service and Sales Assistant

I joined the business in April 2016 as a full time Service and Sales Assistant, but started university myself in September so I’m now part-time. I love the variance of the role – the job is not repetitive at all so I don’t find it boring and every day is different!

I hadn’t heard of the company before I applied but I did some research and I looked at the videos on the website and thought: “They look like they’re having so much fun – I want to work there, too!” And it hasn’t disappointed.

The working environment is great, it’s professional but also friendly and fun. Everyone is approachable and supportive, including the management team. It’s fast-paced but organised – you know what to expect and there are lots of opportunities to be creative and active.

If you want a job that makes you smile while you’re heading to work, apply to Unite Students, you won’t regret it.

“My team is like an extended family to me.”

Our people Julian Carter Sales and Service Assistant

Sales and Service Assistant Julian Carter explains why he loves the problem solving side to his role.

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Julian Carter Sales and Service Assistant

As a Sales and Service Assistant, I work with students to help them deal with everyday problems. It’s a fast-paced role and I love it!

My team is like an extended family to me. And because we all have different views on things, we often find great solutions to problems because we look at things from a different perspective. The business is always evolving and there’s always something new happening, which keeps us on our toes.

I enjoy working with the students, because the fact we’re close in age means I can relate to some of their problems and worries. The best thing is solving problems and seeing how appreciate they are of the hard work you’ve put in to help them. I also really enjoy watching them grow into independent adults, which I get to witness on a first-hand basis.

“The people who work here are friendly and reliable and the atmosphere is great.”

Our people Nataliya Laleva Housekeeper

Nataliya Laleva is one of our Housekeepers. She enjoys the friendly atmosphere and all the opportunities for support and development.

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Nataliya Laleva Housekeeper

I’m a Housekeeper and I clean rooms, kitchens and public areas. The people who work here are friendly and reliable and the atmosphere is great. I’m happy and feel appreciated because I have lots of opportunities for growth and development. Unite Students provides courses to improve my skills and give me training opportunities. Like my Line Manager who’s been giving me more responsibility helping with stock orders and supporting other buildings.

I feel comfortable here because we don’t have any pressure from our leadership teams. They are always ready to listen to us if we have any ideas about the work, ideas are welcomed and we have the possibility to do something more in our job.

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    Safety and Security
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