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All four of our properties in Aberdeen are in fantastic locations, just a few minutes’ walk at most from a whole host of amenities, including excellent transport links and local shops, making it easy to commute in, pop out for lunch or do a spot of shopping. More than that, our friendly, close-knit teams and great on-site facilities, means Unite Students is a great place to work in Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen and its surrounding area ranks as the top area for quality of life in Scotland and one of the most desirable cities in the UK in which to live and work.

With Aberdeen’s famous ‘Granite Mile’, you’re never far from somewhere to shop, eat or drink.


On-site parking is available for three of our properties, otherwise there is nearby parking for the other sites.


The train station is located in the city centre on average a 10-15 minute walk from any property. Buses are also available for further sites straight to the Bus/Train stations. Local bus transport is located outside all properties for several locations.


Bike stores are located at all of our properties.


All our locations are central to the city; most properties are around a five-minute walk to the city centre where cafes and restaurants are located.


Being so close to the city centre there are plenty of shops nearby for a browse during your lunch break or after work.


“There’s lots of opportunity for development.”

Our people Gemma Burnett Service and Sales Advisor

Sales and Service Advisor Gemma Burnett, loves every minute of her role because no matter how busy and challenging it gets, it’s always fun.

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Gemma Burnett Service and Sales Advisor

I’ve been a Sales and Service Advisor since September 2016 and I love the buzz of the role – every day is different! The working environment is fantastic and so welcoming, everyone has a passion for working with Unite and looking after all our students.

Our team is made up of people with similar personalities and we all chip in to get jobs done, which is great. There’s lots of opportunity for development too, and our management team are great at supporting you. From the start, I’ve always wanted to progress and so I have a dedicated mentor within the team to help me work towards BAS.

I love it when the students come down and have a chat with us in reception – having a cup of tea and a catch up with them is good as you know it means they love their home.

“The office environment is very collaborative and the customer is always at the forefront of decisions.”

Our people Jo Blair Head of Quality and Standards

Jo Blair loves her role because of the impact she has on the next generation of managers coming through the business – that and the stories she can tell about the students!

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Jo Blair Head of Quality and Standards

Unite Students is a very fast-paced environment and change is the norm. In comparison to other industries, which can be very slow to make changes, here it’s as fast paced as you like and the only limit is one you put on yourself.

The office environment is very collaborative and the customer is always at the forefront of decisions. The senior managers appreciate feedback and always consider the teams in their decision making process. 

I love the customer interaction – the stories we get told by the students are gold, one day I’m going to write a book about all their experiences! What gets me out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to be part of the development of my team. I have a direct impact on the next generation of managers coming up the business, and that’s very exciting. While the hard work and desire has to come from the individual, the environment, advice and guidance I create and deliver is what will help them succeed.

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