Meet our people

Victoria is our City Manager in Coventry, leading a 15-strong team and delivering a great customer experience for 1,200 Unite Students customers in the city.

“As City Manager in Coventry, I effectively have 1,200 customers to look after – more than enough to keep me busy! The work is incredibly varied. I lead a team of about fifteen people and am responsible for everything from safety and maintenance to meeting sales targets and building relationships with local universities.

Things can get particularly hectic at certain times – for example, during Clearing just after ‘A’ Level results are announced. At that time, we can be talking to 300 people a day, so you need to think smart and turn things around quickly.

There’s little sense of hierarchy at Unite Students. Everything operates on the principle of mutual respect and there’s a nice atmosphere here. People care about who you are, not just what you do. The company is also willing to invest in your development. From the start, people really believed in me and helped me grow. I never imagined I could manage a whole city operation, but that’s what I’m doing. So I try to give my own team the same support I received.”