About Us / Values

At Unite Students, we don’t simply talk about our values and competencies. We put them into action every day. They guide us in the way we work.

We have four core values:

We care - We care about each other, our students and the environment we create for people to live and work in. We always try to do the right thing and act responsibly, whether this is being transparent in our communication or making student and employee wellbeing a priority. We try and have a positive impact on the world – both in the local communities around us, but also on a larger scale. We believe everyone should have access to the same opportunities for education and careers, whatever their background or

We lead – We push boundaries and find new and better ways to do things. We use our knowledge and experience, supported with research and insight, to help us plan for the future and create a robust strategy that will enable us to stay ahead and continue to grow. We stand out from the crowd.

We unite – We’re a friendly bunch! We are inspired by the people we work with and create a sense of life, spirit and fun at work and with our students. We bring people together physically in our buildings and offices – we provide a home for students from over 160 different nationalities and a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures – but also digitally through our social media, internal networks and online communities. We give our students and employees the space to build relationships and grow as individuals. Team
work, collaboration and sharing experience are important to us. We also work closely in partnership with universities, local communities and other partners to ensure we provide the best experience.

We deliver – The people who work at Unite aren’t happy with staying still, they take responsibility for improving what we do, drive harder to get the best results and stand out from the crowd.

These values were developed by colleagues across Unite Students. They not only embody who we are and what we stand for – they make Unite Students a great place to work and help us create challenging, rewarding and meaningful careers.

Our core competencies provide a foundation that helps us to develop and progress, they describe what abilities and behaviours lead to success:

Customer Focus – Service oriented and dedicated to meeting the requirements of customers.  Maintains effective relationships and acts with the customer in mind.

Integrity - Acts with respect and integrity, treating people fairly.  Is open, honest and consistent.

Commitment - Adheres to company missions and values. Promotes team spirit, acting as an ambassador to Unite Students.

Working with Others - Works well with others, is tolerant, listens carefully and contributes to the wider business.

Margaret is Housekeeping Supervisor in Glasgow where she looks after 660 students. She is proud of the fact that she has never had a bad word with any of them.

“I really enjoy working with the students. For a lot of them, it’s the first time they’ve been away from home and they often need a friendly face and bit of advice. I try to give them both if I can.

Margaret Graham

Housekeeping Assistant, Glasgow